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How to improve a poor TV Signal

There can be few things as frustrating as when you have settled down to watch your favourite television programme and you get the picture fracture and freeze whilst its on. Poor reception of the TV signal can be to blame, but is there anything that can be done before calling out the aerial & satellite engineer to fix it? The truth is that there are certain checks that can be made and should be made before making the call. The first may seem completely obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many times the aerial fitter gets call outs just to find that the coax plug on the end of the aerial cable is either, loose, poorly fit or is not plugged into the back of the TV.

A poorly fit coax plug can cause picture fracture and even loss of signal altogether. knowing how to correctly fix a coax plug to the aerial cable is pretty simple but it is absolutely imperative. The next thing to check would be to see if any water is or may have been dripping out of the end of the coax itself. When water ingress occurs it usually starts at the aerial head and will then travel within the cable direct to the TV. There have been cases whe Tv’s have blown because water has dripped into the electrical circuits within the television itself.

If the aeral does have water ingress, then it is time to call out the aerial man, since the whole aerial and cable will probably need replacing. In some homes the aerial needs a boost because of low signal reception or it is being split into a number of rooms. In these cases if this is the type of set up you have it would be prudent to check the amp or booster and make sure firstly that all of the cables are plugged in and it is actully on. If the amp has been switched off, then it is usually just a case of switching it back on. This should then resolve the reception problem amp for tv aerial signal boosterIf the plug to the amp is connected and the socket is switched on, but there is no led light lighting up, then it points to the amp having failed and it is time to replace their amp. This is pretty simple and basically needs a similar booster. Just connect the aerial input to the input for the new amp and then connect the outputs to the aerials cables which are leading to their TV’s.

There is no real need to call out an aerial fitter for this kind of repair since there is nothing that the aerial installer would do that you couldn’t do. Only if the amp is located in a difficult to get to place. For instance a masthead amp is usually located at the base of the aerial mast high up. In this case call the aerial company to do it, its not worth the risk.