freeview aerial installation

Aerial Installation for Freeview Television in Manchester

I get a lot of calls from people who have recently changed from either Sky, or Virgin as their television provider to Freeview or, at least, wanting to watch most of their telly via the Freeview portal. They call me because they are having a problem getting a quality signal. Since it is not broadcast through satellite & neither cable it requires a decent TV Aerial Installation setup for the digital signal. The digital signal it is transmitted via the nearest transmitter mast usually located on a high location such as a hill or low mountain. If the actual antenna is located high enough on the owners property and there are no obvious obstructions to the signal such as; a bank of trees, a large building or a hill that could block the signal then the antenna will pick up the digital signal.

Many people get confused when installing their smart TV’s because if the telly can log into theirtv aerials router and access the internet it will be able to show some channels and allow the ability to watch catch up TV. However, the television will need a good signal via the antenna in socket on the TV to get all of the Freeview channels such as the BBC’s, ITV’s and other free to air channels available. There is no way around this. If there is no working aerial on the house, then it is time to call an aerial fitter for the local area. One way to find a local aerial installer is to google it. For instance, if in the Manchester area you would type in something like aerial fitters manchester and up would pop the listings for companies in your area along with google reviews if they appear in the maps.

This is a good way of getting someone local but also it is a way of finding the company with the best reviews to come and carry out a TV Aeria Installation at your home. Once the aerial has been fitted it should stay working without any incident for many years. Freeview is a great resource and when used along with a pay per view platform such as Amazon prime or Netflix works very well in providing great TV at a fraction of the cost compared to the big providers such as Sky, Virgin or even BT.


Freeview TV Aerial Installation